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Our priorities

1) We guarantee that we are not dealing with companies and/or cooperatives that are or have been involved in situations of questionable legality. 2) We have established a process for conducting ethical and reputational checks on all operators supplying us with agricultural products, both currently and in the future. Particularly:

  • Inclusion of specific items to our checklist that address the legal status of each operator.
  • All our producers should be registered with the “Rete del lavoro agricolo di qualità”, a network established at INPS (National Institute for Social Security) with the aim of selecting agricultural businesses which distinguish themselves for compliance with labor laws, social legislation, income taxes, and value-added taxes.
  • Requesting specific information from each supplier regarding any companies or individuals connected to them who may be involved in legal proceedings or engaged in potentially harmful conduct.
  • On-site checks or inspections of these aspects by our technicians located on the territory (one in Apulia, one in Calabria and two in Sicily).
  • Using information from various local sources such as intermediaries, other technicians, and local press.
  • Individual producers' statements regarding their situation within a specific contract, written orders, our Guidelines (which every supplier must sign), or as outlined in article 62, reaffirming their responsibility in cases of bad faith, false declarations, or other consequences that will lead to the immediate termination of the supply agreement.
  • The reporting of all known critical situations, either to individual certification bodies or to other competent authorities.
  • The request to Federbio, Assobio, our CB, and the technical panels we participate in, regarding warnings and alerts concerning the ethical aspects of companies known to them, offenses that may affect companies in the sector and potentially their owners.
  • Reviewing our Quality System to exclude companies that do not adhere to Pizzi's code of ethics.

We have recently obtained the legality rating from the Italian Competition Authority, which is a synthetic indicator of compliance with high standards of legality by companies that have requested it.