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If there’s one thing that we Pizzi Osvaldo & C. we have a genuine passion for our work. This is especially true because producing and selling organic fruit and vegetables isn’t just a job to us; it’s a deeply held conviction that has spanned three generations.

First and foremost, we love what we do because the produce we source comes from the earth, and we hold great reverence for it. We also deeply value our farmers, who are our partners, and their well-being is just as important to us as that of our consumers.

Secondly, our love for this work stems from the fact that we are providing sustenance. Taking care of what each and every one of us consumes is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Thirdly, we are producers ourselves and play an active role in the BIOP consortium, which was established in 2018.

Pizzi Osvaldo & C. leads a production enterprise that has evolved over the years, overseeing a network of 130 suppliers, with nearly 1000 producers associated with us. Picture a vast expanse of land – nurtured and cultivated for 70 years, with the last two decades dedicated to organic farming – spanning over 10 thousand hectares. Seventy percent of this land is in Italy, with another 20 % in Europe and the remaining 10 % scattered across the globe. We have built our legacy with these producers, grounded in mutual respect and reliability. Many of them began their journey towards organic farming with us, guided and supported by our agronomists. They trusted in our expertise to help them meet the stringent MMR requirements: ensuring consistent quality and meticulous planning. The selection, training, and certification of our producers set us apart in the industry. For us, the transactions of buying and selling are merely the final steps in a process where we stand alongside our partners, making informed decisions based on our shared values, aspirations, and visions.

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We take pride in being trustworthy to our partners. Trust is a legacy that is developed over time through intentional actions, consistent presence, and providing timely solutions. We are thrilled with the connections we have made with nearly 1000 producers who supply us with fresh, certified, and guaranteed organic products throughout the year. We have assisted many of those farmers in starting and expanding their operations, and their trustworthiness is the way they show gratitude for our support.


We always strive to provide impeccable service to clients who have trusted and relied on us over the years. The mass-market retail sector indeed demands security from its suppliers: in planning, expertise, and the assurance of quality, for a consistently available fresh product that meets the required standards. After all, being trusted partners of Esselunga since 1958 is our best credential.

Pizzi osvaldo & C. Spa is a member of

AssoBio is the national association for organic and natural products processing and distribution businesses of which Oscar Pizzi is a founding partner


FederBio is a federation of organizations within the organic and biodynamic agricultural sector that works to safeguard and advance its growth.