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We can package our products in various ways using a wide range of materials, accommodating packages that vary in weight from a few grams to several kilograms.

We also offer every kind of labelling and promotional stamp.

Recyclable paper tray

Recyclable paper tray

Compostable cellulose net

Compostable cellulose net

Plastic tray

Plastic tray

The following packagings are currently available:

  • Recyclable and compostable paper tray
  • Stretch film in compostable bioplastics
  • Compostable PLA bags
  • Compostable cellulose nets
  • Compostable cellulose D-Pack bag
  • bags
  • transparent trays
  • heat-shrink film
  • pouch
  • net bag
  • microperforated film
  • cardboard covered in film

Starting in 2019, the company began using trays and nets made of fully compostable materials instead of the paper and plastic packaging previously used for organic fresh fruit and vegetables. This change was necessary in supermarkets where packaging is indeed required to prevent mixing and contamination. These materials are compostable, which means they can be disposed of with organic waste. The reference for the compostability certification programme is represented by the harmonised standard UNI EN 13432:2002. A given object is defined as compostable if it becomes compost when it enters in contact, for a certain period, with elements rich in nutrients or fertilizers (such as fertile soil or food waste) and turns into compost. Our packaging is guaranteed to be biodegradable and displays the OK compost logo. This applies to all their components, inks and additives.