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Circularity: essential for effectively managing unsold products

Working in MMR involves conducting thorough checks on certified quality, food safety, and aesthetic appearance. Buyers naturally expect fruit and vegetables to meet aesthetic standards in terms of size and appearance, but managing this expectation can be challenging. Therefore, our efforts have always been focused on ensuring that the part of the production, which is completely intact in terms of its organoleptic qualities and fully edible, but may be less commercially appealing when displayed on supermarket counters, is turned from potential waste into a valuable resource. In this perspective, two important “pro bono” activities come into play to ensure the full utilization of our product, including the “ugly but tasty” ones.

Who do our unsold products go to?

Agricola Pro Bono

The first use of Pizzi Osvaldo & C.’s unsold fruit and vegetables makes us particularly happy and a bit proud as well. As a matter of fact, we are partners with Agricola Pro Bono, a non-profit organisation that collects fruit and vegetables directly from producers and vegetable distributors to deliver them to local entities who provide free meals for charity, starting with soup kitchens in Milan and Como.

Feed From Food

Since the beginning of 2023, we have found a way to recycle organic fruit and vegetables waste that is not fit for human consumption. Our collaboration with the startup Feed From Food and the Veterinary University of Milan has enabled us to utilize a machinery at our plant to transform unsightly vegetable waste into a valuable product for animal nutrition.